Standard Covers

Business Content

SME Business Insurance policy provides cover for business content. This cover can help out your business if your valuables become damaged. The benefits of this cover include the following:

  1. Replaces the contents of your business, such as furniture & fittings, office machinery, computers and office equipment if they are damaged, lost or stolen.
  2. Removal of debris from your property as a result of loss or damage.

SME Life

In the event of an unexpected death of an employee, SME BIP life cover will ensure that the beneficiaries are well looked after. The cover pays a lump sum amount to the employee’s beneficiary if they pass away while still employed.

Group Personal Accident

This provides cover against accident that may occur at work and lead to disability. This cover pays the medical expenses that one would incur as a result of an employee getting injured at work

Public Liability

This cover is essential for businesses that provide services, carry out a trade and/or interact with the public in any way. It protects against the risks of accidents, injuries and damages to third parties. The benefits of this cover include:

  1. Protection against death or bodily injury to third party.
  2. Protection against the loss or damage of third party property(ies.)


This cover is specially designed to cover all medical expenses of employees. The benefits of this cover include:

  1. Access to affordable medical services.
  2. Ease of financial pressure of an employee paying for medical treatments.

Additional Covers

Business Premises

This provides protection against any risks of damage to your building. It covers the repair or reconstruction of your building

Professional Indemnity

The professional indemnity cover protects against the claims for errors and negligence which can be costly and disruptive to your business. It covers the payment of legal fees and compensation arising from such negligence claims


This provides protection of your stocks against unforseen disasters such as fire and burglary. The benefits of this covers include the protection against fire and buglary and also payment for cost associated with the removal of debris.


This protects your vehicle against damages resulting from theft, fire, vandalism third party property damage as well as third party injury or death. With this cover, you are protected for damages against your own vehicle and this cover also takes away the cost of fixing either your car or third party when accidents happens.