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Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance is a type of insurance which is designed to protect professionals/businesses from financially crippling and other reputation-damaging claims made against them by dissatisfied clients. This policy provides indemnity for the insured against legal liabilities that may arise by reason of any neglect, error or omission committed in a professional capacity by the person insured or by any partner, director or any person who may be in the insured employment. This insurance covers legal fees/expenses involved in a suit, along with any payouts determined as a result of a lawsuit.


Group Personal Accident

Group Personal Accident insurance covers accidental bodily injury, death or disablement of the insured persons and is ideal for companies to insure their employees. Group personal accident can be used for death, permanent disability, temporary disability and medical expenses.



This is an insurance against loss or damage occasioned by theft of property belonging to the insured or for which he is responsible. As a general rule the burglary policy covers the contents of business / private premises only if the loss or damage by thieves is as a consequence of a forcible and violent entry or exit. It can also cover damage done to the building in the course of theft or attempted theft.


Building Liability

This policy covers the legal liability of builders for

Accidental bodily injury to or dealth or third parties
Accidental loss or damage to third parties occuring during the period of insurance.

This is in line with section 64 of the Insurance Act 2003 wherein a new category of miscellaneous insurance class called “Complusory” Insurance is created.